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Thousands of Philippine students take state U entrance exam

Author’s Note: This article was originally published in the Asian Correspondent on Aug. 13, 2010. The original page is here.

The article, a newsfeature, was warmly-received by the class. There was only one major criticism leveled against it, in that the tone of the article changed midway from being a possible straight news article to being a newsfeature. I can explain this; the article was originally going to be a straight news article, but the parts that included the quotes from the students made it sound like a newsfeature in the end; also, given that the UPCAT happening annually is not breaking news, the newsfeature label does fit it better.

Other things pointed out are the use of interviewees, the research of more specific figures for the UPCAT itself, and exploration of other angles that weren’t fully fleshed-out in the story.

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